The Library’s Wi-Fi is down today (Thursday, February 23). Until this is fixed our public computers will be unable to access the Internet and we will not be able to offer wireless Internet connections to laptops or mobile devices. We are hoping to fix this problem over the next couple of days and will update this announcement when the problem is resolved.

We are still able to process transactions normally.

Augusta Township has a Parks, Recreation and Culture Community Survey out for their residents. If you live in the township please take some time to make your opinions count towards making Augusta Township a better place.

Come enjoy our free Wi-Fi by the comfort of the fire! The Library has just purchased a pair of tablet chairs. These chairs have an adjustable tray for a tablet or other mobile device and can be found in the Old Schoolhouse portion of the building. 

If you’re having issues with downloading eBooks from OverDrive onto your Kobo, Sony Reader, or Apple Device, this article from Toronto Public Library may be helpful:

Having Problems Downloading eBooks on Your eReader?

Please don’t hesitate to contact a librarian if the solutions suggested in the article don’t help to resolve your issue.

Advertise your Event

The Augusta Library would like to offer organizations residing in Augusta Township to advertise their event on our Webpage.  If your event is open to the public and located in our Township then email us your details & web link. We would be glad to post it. If you are supplying a Poster it must be in PDF format .   Please keep announcement to about 50 words or less.

TechBoomers is an education and discovery website that provides free tutorials of popular websites and Internet-based services in a manner that is accessible to older adults and other digital technology newcomers. Check it out, Internet Training on left side bar.