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After being opened in 1896 in the North Augusta Public School, the Library soon grew to be a success. In 1913 it was moved to the teacher’s room at the Continuation Public School, where it remained for some time. When the use of the library died down, a bookmobile taking books around the area was introduced, as a last attempt to bring patrons back. The plan was unsuccessful, and the library closed in 1974.

A new Library Board was formed in March of 1974 and opened up a new township Library. Unfortunately, it, like the previous effort, failed, and the Library closed once more, in 1976. Showing great perseverance, another Board had a try at opening a public library, in October 1978, and this time met with success.

The current Augusta Township Public Library building was officially opened on August 26, 1995. The $368,823 project is the first permanent Library structure built in the township of Augusta. The building incorporates a restored stone schoolhouse that is now used as a meeting room for many organizations. The objective of the Library is to provide Augusta Township residents with access to a full range of modern library facilities.