Plant & Book Sale:
Thank you to everyone who supported our fundraiser, whether through donations or purchases. We were able to raise a little over $1,300!

Seed Swap Basket:
Our community seed swap basket is coming back on March 9th. This basket is an informal community swap, what and how much is available depends on what is donated. When donating seeds to the basket please make sure that the type of plant is clearly labeled.

Donation Policy:
We would like to remind everyone that our policy on donated materials is that books should be published within the last five years and be in good condition. Magazines should be published within the last year and be in good condition. We are only able to accept 20 items or fewer per donation. We are not able to accept textbooks, encyclopedias, damaged, musty or mildewed items. Please speak to a librarian about your donation and do not leave items for donation outside.

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