Maitland Community Pancake Breakfast:
Visit us at the MERC Hall in Maitland on Saturday, February 24th to try out some winter recreation equipment! We will be there from 9 am – 12 pm and it looks like we’ll be able to bring cross country skis, snowshoes, and disc golf discs. Cross your fingers for good winter recreation weather this week!

Non-resident Membership Fee Increase:
Membership to the Augusta Township Public Library is free for all Augusta Township residents, as a small amount of each resident’s property tax goes toward keeping the library running. Non-residents who wish to become Augusta Library members are able to do so for a yearly fee. The non-resident fee has been reviewed and will be raised on February 1st to $25 per year to keep it in line with what residents are covering through their taxes. 

Donation Policy:
We would like to remind everyone that our policy on donated materials is that books should be published within the last five years and be in good condition. Magazines should be published within the last year and be in good condition. We are only able to accept 20 items or fewer per donation. We are not able to accept textbooks, encyclopedias, damaged, musty or mildewed items. Please speak to a librarian about your donation and do not leave items for donation outside.

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